Dog Walking

Exercise and socialization leads to a healthy, happy dog.  We offer group dog walks and private dog walking Monday through Friday.  Special arrangements for an occasional weekend walk can be made depending on availability.  Blue Sky Dogs practices only positive reinforcement in all interactions with your dog.  We do not walk dogs who have shock collars or prong collars.  Good manners are practiced in all of our walks. This helps to ensure a safe and happy outing.

Group Dog Walking

3 or more walks per week – $23*/walk
Additional dog from same household – $15*/walk

*plus GST

Regular walking helps to reduce behavioural issues and to maintain physical health.  Group walks can build confidence and trust in timid or fearful dogs and is a great opportunity for socialization and play.

Whatever the weather, rain, snow, sun, your dog will be picked up from your home and transported in a safe dog walker van outfitted with secure kennels.  Walks are a minimum of one hour long. Including pick-up and drop-off, your dog could be in our company for 2 to 3 hours per day.

Walking on and off-leash depends on your preference, our day’s location, and the recall ability of your dog.  The number one priority for our walks is safety and then lots of fun!  After the walk we will return to your home and settle your dog with fresh water in an agreed upon designated area.  IF necessary, your dog will be towel dried, so we request that you leave dog towels by your door.  Should we observe a change in behaviour or anything else unusual you will be promptly notified via an agreed form of communication.

Private Dog Walking

30 minutes – $25*
45 minutes – $35*
60 minutes – $45*
Additional dog(s) from same household – $10*/walk

*plus GST

This service is good for puppies (not yet ready to be group walked), elderly dogs that require a relaxing stroll, a dog recovering from an operation, and a dog with aggression issues or is not spayed/neutered and so is not safe to walk in a group.

All private dog walks are on-leash and positive reinforcement of good on-leash manners is practiced.  At the end of the walk your dog will be returned to an agreed upon designated area of your home with fresh water.  Please leave a towel by your door so that your dog can be towel dried on inclement weather days.  As with all of our services, prompt notification via an agreed form of communication will occur should we observe a change in behaviour or anything else.


  • All services require a house key which is coded with the pet’s name and kept in a locked box when not in use.
  • All dogs that are a part of group walks must have up-to-date vaccinations, be spayed or neutered, and have a current city license.  Dogs for private walks require a current city license.
  • Dogs will be walked in any type of weather unless deemed unsafe to do so.  Extreme temperatures may require a shortened length of walk.
  • 24 hours notice is required for no-charge cancellation.  If your dog is not at home at time of pick-up, a day rate will be charged.