Pet Visits

Pet visits are great for puppies, older dogs, and the feeding and letting out of pets when you are at work or away from home for the day.

Regular visit $20* for 20 minutes
Extended visit $35* for 35 minutes

*plus GST

Puppy Visits

This service is for puppies that are going through their inoculation period.  Crate trained puppies need to be let out every 3-4 hours to relieve themselves.  A good rule of thumb is age of puppy in months plus one equals maximum hours in crate.
The puppy will be let out of their crate to relieve themselves and played with for exercise and socialization.

Older Dog Visits

No matter how old the dog, they need exercise, mental stimulation and an opportunity to relieve themselves. This visit will make sure that your older dog gets their needs met.